Flashlight Tag

Summary: Flashlight Tag is best played outdoors in the summer or a dark house in the winter and requires the use of a flashlight.

Ages: Kids of all ages

Recommended Number of Players:
The more players you have for Flashlight Tag the merrier.

One flashlight with a good set of batteries

Set Up:
Establish a playing area with clear exterior boundaries.

Basic Definition of "IT":
When discussing "IT" while playing most forms of tag, "IT" refers to the player who must do the chasing, tagging and/or catching.

Basic Definition of "Tag" or "Catch":
When "IT" touches another player in the manner specified by the variation of the game, that player is then considered "Tagged" or "Caught" and must act in accordance with this variation of basic Tag.

How to Play:
1) Find a place to be base.

2) The person who is “IT” waits at the base and counts while everyone else hides. Hiders can move around during the game.

3) “IT” searches for the hidden players with the flashlight. The flashlight must stay on at all time and cannot be covered.

4) Meanwhile, players try to run to the base without getting caught.

5) Players are tagged if “IT” spots them with the flashlight and calls out the player’s name.

6) Each tagged player is sent to the base to wait until the very last player is caught.

7) The last person tagged is “IT” for the next game.

8) Set a time limit for the game, if no one is tagged during that time frame, switch the person who is “IT”.

For Adults Playing Tag with their Children:

I read this great article entitled Play TAG with Your Kids: Tips to Ensure Positive Competitive Experiences from the "Ohio State University Extension - Fact Sheet." The article doesn't focus on the game of tag, but rather on to teach your child about competition. It gives great examples of questions you can ask your children after certain activities and then how to interpret their answers. It is a three page article and a fairly long read, but the final paragraph sums it up.

Let the Fun Begin
In this game of TAG the parent is “it,” trying to help their child learn and have fun. Target individual needs. You are the expert concerning your child’s unique needs. Ask and observe as a way of monitoring the activity. Good communication can prevent undue stress for your child. Most of all, give positive feedback. By targeting your child’s needs and learning how they perceive the activity, you will be better equipped to support them in the ways they need as individuals. So get busy playing TAG, and your child will get busy enjoying life through competition.

Play TAG with your Kids: Tips to Ensure Positive Competitve Experiences

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