String Maze

At Christmas Time, this is also known as Christmas Present Maze

Summary: String Maze is a game where the prize is hidden at the end of a long string.

Ages: From 8 to adult

Recommended Number of Players: Best with 4 to 10

1. Lengths of string, like nylon cord. Thin string, like yarn, tends to tangle, so stay away from it. You will need one piece of string per player. Experiment in your space with a 40-foot string and see if you want to go longer or shorter for each person.
2. Small wrapped gift per player
3. Pencil

Set Up:
Tie one gift to the end of a string.  Hide the gift, like under a couch cushion or in a cupboard. Thread each piece of string through your living room (or entire home, or your yard, if you want to go big) looping through things, under things, and over things. Create a sort of obstacle course for each player. Tie the pencil to the other end of the string so the player can wrap it up as it is played. Have all the pencils in one place before you begin.

How to Play:
Once all your guests arrive, distribute one string-end with the pencil per player. Each player must then crawl, climb, and burrow through the space, untangling, untwisting and unknotting as he goes, until they find their prize.

The first person to find their small gift wins.  You could even have a much larger prize waiting the winner.

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