Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is truly seasonal. Every time a new time of the year rolls around, simply make a couple new bottles with items representing the season, or the reason, for the game. Popular seasons to play this are Christmas, 4th of July, and Halloween.

Other popular reasons are Pirate Parties and Princess Parties. Beach parties and Luau's are also fun reasons for playing Buried Treasure.

Summary: This game is played with a bottle filled with small objects and birdseed.

Ages: From 6 to 16, but don't be surprised if the older crowd gets a hold of one the bottles and starts to search as well.

Recommended Number of Players:
From 2 to 10

One bottle per player
One list of items that are hidden in the bottle per player
Pen or pencil per player

Set Up:
Please see instructions below on how to make the Buried Treasure bottle.

How to Play:
Each person gets a bottle. They must roll, shake, twist and move the bottle around so they can make the items hidden inside come up to the surface. As they do, they check off each item on pre-made lists telling them what is in each bottle. This can keep players occupied for quite a while depending on what you've "hidden" in the bottles.

The player who has succesfully found each item first.

For an older crowd, do not give a list of what is inside, but rather just a number of how many objects. Tell the players they must write down each item as they see it. When a player believes has seen all the objects, he yells stop. Then the players list is checked for accuracy. If he did see all the correct items, he wins. If not, play continues.

Buried Treasure Bottle Instructions

A treasure bottle is basically an empty water bottle that has been filled with trinkets, small toys and household objects and filled with bird seed. And then you make a list of everything that you put in the bottle. They are simple to make with just a few things that you can pick up at craft stores, dollar stores and mass retailers.

You want to use a certain shape and size bottle, one that is smooth, cylindrical and not too wide. "Smartwater" brand bottles are perfect.

Empty and dry water bottles with caps
About 40 small Holiday related items per bottle
10 pound bag of Parakeet Seed or other fine bird seed
Funnel that fits bottle mouth
Measuring Scoop
Craft Glue
List of Items
Stretch ribbon or cord

Make sure that your water bottle is completely dry inside or the bird seed will sprout and mold. Take the label off the bottle by soaking it or using Goo-Gone to remove all traces of glue and wash the outside with soap and water.

Find about 40 small items to put inside the bottle. Make sure that the items that you choose will fit through the bottle neck opening. You can use any little Holiday related toys that can be found and add in other items like buttons or beads of different colors and sizes. Write down each item and save for making the check list later.

Next, using a funnel that fits the bottle, scoop some of the seed into the bottle. Add about five items, add more seed, doing this until the items are all added and the bottle is filled. Leave a space of about three inches at the top. You need room to be able to shake, roll and move the seed around inside so that the items can move to the surface of the bottle.

Use a small amount of glue around the threads of the bottle cap and cap the bottle. Use a craft glue that dries transparent so you'll know when it's dried. Do not shake bottle until glue has dried or you'll get seed stuck on the inside of the lid.

Print a list of all the items inside the bottle. Put a hole in the upper left hand corner of the list with a hole punch. Run a stretch ribbon through the hole and tie around the neck of the bottle.

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