Belly of the Bat

Summary: Belly of the Bat is a fun way to see which player has the best mind reading abilities.

Ages: From 8 to 14

Recommended Number of Players:
Between 3 and 8

One less plastic toy bat than there are players
Paint or Nail Polish in different colors
Plastic Witches Cauldron
Witches Hat

Set Up:
Paint a different colored dot on the belly of each bat

How to Play:
Place all the bats belly side down in the cauldron. Choose a player to be the first Witch or Warlock and place the hat on that player head. Tell them it is now time to see who is the best mind reader. The remaining players choose a bat from the cauldron. The Witch/Warlock must then point to a bat and guess what color dot is on the belly. The player holding the bat must be thinking of that color of dot, like blue, blue, blue.

Each player takes a turn being the Witch/Warlcok.

The player who had the most correct guesses of the colored dots wins the game.

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