Read the Recipe

Summary: Read the Recipe is a game that tests the bride and her guests knowledge about cooking and recipes.

Ages: From 16 to Adult

Recommended Number of Players: Between 4 and 40

Recipe cards without the title of the recipe

Set Up:
No prior set up required

How to Play:
Give each player a copy of a recipe where you have removed the name of the dish. Let the bride to be have the first try at guessing the recipe. If she is not right, open play up to everyone for a guess.

You may play with just one recipe, or several. If using more than one, number the cards and give each player a pencil and paper to keep track of their guesses.

The object of the game is to accurately state what dish is being described in the recipe. This is fun with main dishes all the way down to desserts.

If you are playing with only one recipe, the winner is the first to guess the title.

If playing with more than one recipe, than the player with the most corect wins.

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