Pair Up Quick

Summary: Pair Up Quick is a party game much like musical chairs, except there are a pair of winners.

Ages: From 10 to Adult

Recommended Number of Players: Between 12 and 30

Equipment: A CD player with music of your choice. It is best to play music that is familiar and popular to your guests. The music should also be light and have a fairly quick tempo.

Set-Up: No set up required, but his game is best played with lots of room to spread out. Ideal for outdoors, such as at a park or ball field. If played indoors, make sure the furniture is pushed back so palyers do not trip.

How to Play: 1) The players begin by making two circles - An inner circle with players facing each other and an outer circle where players face away from the inner circle.

2) One player, usually the host or hostess of the party, acts as the caller and starts the music.

3) The players begin walking to their right when the music begins. This means that each circle will not be able to see the members of the other circle while the music is playing.

4) The caller stops the music and calls out a number such as 2, 3 or 5. The number that is called should make it so that there is only one player left NOT in a group.

5) The players must bunch up in a group the size of the called number. The players do this by either holding hands or hugging each other to form a small circle.

6) The lone player left without a group is out of the game and the music begins again.

Winners: The last 2 players left are declared the winners!

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