Balloon Crab Soccer

Summary: Balloon Crab Soccer is a sports game played like regular crab soccer, but using a balloon.

Ages: From 8 to 60

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
Between 10 and 20 players
Two to Four teams

Several 12" or larger balloons, each team will have their own color
Cardboard Box for each team

Set Up:
Place the cardboard boxes for each team in the corners of the room or playing field.

How to Play:
This is best played on an indoor basketball court. Each player must "crab walk" on their hands and feet with their face towards the ceiling. Every team tries to get their own colored balloons into their own goal (cardboard box). The players can only kick the balloon with their feet. Any use of hands will result in the team losing a point. Players must "crab walk" across the field and never stand up. Play with regular soccer rules. If using an indoor basketball court, there are no out of bonds.

The team with the most goals, wins.

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