1 2 3 Look

Summary: 1 2 3 Look is a game of tag with the eyes.

Ages: From 10 to adult

Recommended Number of Players:
Between 6 and 20

No equipment necessary

Set Up:
No prior set-up required

How to Play:
This is a very simple game that can include the entire group. It can be hard if the circle gets too big, but it can still be done.

Have everyone sit in a circle. All the players closes their eyes and lower their heads. Then the leader calls out 1-2-3-Look! As the leader calls "look," the players look up at one specific person. Make sure you instruct them that they cannot change who they look at, because if you and the other person happen to be looking at each other then you are both out.

When the player looks up he/she looks at one specific person. If that person is looking back at him/her, both players are out. If that person is looking at a different person, the player puts their head back down and waits for the next call of "1-2-3 Look."

Continue the game rapidly until only two players are left.

Continue bringing the chairs in closer and closer, and eventually you'll be left with two people. Just remember that if 2 people are looking at each other, they are both out!

Actually, there can be two winners. Those left in the circle who haven't been caught looking at each other wins.

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Best Advice

Many people come to this site looking for a couple specific games. When they find them, great, the job is done. But there is one thing I want ALL my guests to know regardless of how many or how few pages they read. Therefore, I decided to put the information on 1 2 3 Look and every other game instruction page. So, when you see this box again, and you have already familiarized yourself with the information, skip it and move on to finding more games (other than 1 2 3 Look) for your event.

But for those reading this for the first time, here is the best advice I can pass on from my many years of experience planning and executing large and small events. Read on…

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” These are great words from A.A. Milne, the creator of Winnie-the-Pooh. I couldn’t agree more. And a solid foundation of organizing and planning is needed for most events. But I am here to tell you even with the BEST organization, no event is going to proceed EXACTLY as planned. You may even have a Plan B, C or D as a back-up. That’s fabulous! But trust me on this one; something will happen that you had no way of anticipating. So what now? Here is the trick. Pay close attention to this because it is the single most important piece of wisdom I can share with my readers.

Are you ready?

Learn to mentally let go of your perfect plans
the minute the party, event, game
or special occasion starts.

That’s it. I could write an entire page on how to “be in the moment” and “have fun at your own party.” But neither of those will happen if you don’t have the mindset that it’s alright to have things turn out differently than you imagined. The good news is that usually what you planned in your head that didn’t come through was never even missed by most.

So if you are going along, playing 1 2 3 Look, or any other group activity, and it leads you down a road you didn’t foresee… Enjoy the ride.

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