Light My Fire

Summary:A balloon popping game using candles.

Ages: 12 and up

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
Teams of 3 or 4

Candle, empty balloons, drinking straws, bowl of water

Set Up:
set up point A with candles for each team, and a lighter of some sort, Point C with a bowl of water and drinking straws, Point D with measuering cups.

How to Play:
When the whistle is blown, they run to point A where a they get a candle and light it. Then they run to point B with their lit candle and blow up a balloon. They take the lit candle and balloon and run to point C. Point C is where they get a drinking straw, fill it with water by sucking it up from a bowl of water and then running to point D with the lit candle, balloon and straw full of water in their mouth. At point D, they empty the water into a measuring cup, pop the balloon with the lit candle, blow out the candle and run back to the starting line. At the starting line, the first player hands the next team member the candle and that player begins the course. If the candle ever goes out, the player must go back to point A and re-light the candle.

There are two winning teams. The one with the most wanter in the cup and the team who completed the course in the least amount of time.

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