Hurricane Harry

Summary: Hurricane Harry is a game played where the player in the middle makes a statement that they believes will "blow" someone out of their seat.

Ages: 12 and older

Recommended Number of Players: Between 10 to 12 players

One less chair than there are players

Set Up:
Arrange the chairs in a circle

How to Play:
One player starts as "Hurricane Harry" (or Harriett) in the center of the circle, with everyone else seated. Hurricane Harry raises both arms and spins around, while saying the following: “Hurricane Harry blows everyone who _____ out of their chair”.

The blank must be filled with a true statement about the current Hurricane Harry. For instance, "Hurricane Harry blows everyone who has held a live snake out of their chairs” or any other true fact about Hurricane Harry. At this point, any of the players who share this characteristic (including the person who is currently Hurricane Harry) must stand up and quickly find a new seat. For each statement, no player is allowed to sit in the same seat or a seat directly adjacent to his or her previous seat. One person will be left without a seat. This person becomes the new “Hurricane Harry” for the next round.

This get to know you game is especially interesting when players use unique, unexpected, or funny statements. For example, a player can say embarassing statements such as, “Hurricane Harry blows those who haven't brushed their teeth for three days out of their chair.” Remember, the objective of the get to you game is to learn something about each other.


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