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This is our new party games index. Starting the beginning of 2012, you will find the newest game we offer at the top of the list. This will help all our friends who are familiar with all the other games to find ones they haven't reviewed before.

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December 2012

Remember That
Water Balloon Guessing Game
The Remake Scavenger Hunt
Twas the Night Right Before Christmas

Newest Games by Perfect Party Games:

January 2013

Be Mine Bingo

December 2012

What's New
Most Popular Movie Stars
Park Bench
Bearded Relay
String Maze
Whose Resolution Is It
News of the Month
Celebrity Charades

 September 2012

Pair Up Quick

March 2012

Easter Bunny Tag
Egg Bowling
Candy Egg Toss
Hot Boiled Egg
Steal the Egg
The Wolf and the Eggs
Egg and Spoon
Egg Toss
Egg Rolling

February 2012

Flashlight Tag
Six Word Memoir
Ultimate Frisbee Rules
A Knotty Problem

January 2012

Musical Chairs with a Twist
Snow Footprint Tag
Manhunt Tag
Valentine Trivia Quiz - 2012

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Best Advice from Dana Palmer

Picture of Dana Palmer, Owner of Perfect Party Games

Many people come to this site looking for a couple specific games. When they find them, great, the job is done. But there is one thing I want ALL my guests to know regardless of how many or how few pages they read. Therefore, if you see this box again on a few more pages, skip it and move on to finding more games for your event.

But for those reading this for the first time, here is the best advice I can pass on from my many years of experience planning and executing large and small events. Read on…

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” These are great words from A.A. Milne, the creator of Winnie-the-Pooh. I couldn’t agree more. And a solid foundation of organizing and planning is needed for most events. But I am here to tell you even with the BEST organization, no event is going to proceed EXACTLY as planned. You may even have a Plan B, C or D as a back-up. That’s fabulous! But trust me on this one; something will happen that you had no way of anticipating. So what now? Here is the trick. Pay close attention to this because it is the single most important piece of wisdom I can share with my readers.

Are you ready?

Learn to mentally let go of your perfect plans
the minute the party, event, game
or special occasion starts.

That’s it. I could write an entire page on how to “be in the moment” and “have fun at your own party.” But neither of those will happen if you don’t have the mindset that it’s alright to have things turn out differently than you imagined. The good news is that usually what you planned in your head that didn’t come through was never even missed by most.

So if you are going along, playing a game, or any other group activity, and it leads you down a road you didn’t foresee… Enjoy the ride.

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We only played the Christmas ABC game tonight, but it was fun and funny! I have 3 more games and quizzes that I will take to my parents' house on Saturday. Thanks again!!
Jill K. from California, USA

"I thought I knew a lot of party games, but whenever I go on Perfect Party Games, I learn another one!"
Mandolin P. from Washington, USA