The Remake Scavenger Hunt! (Different Version)

by Carestar Lundgren
(Saskatoon, SK)

Someone stays in one spot, while everyone else goes and finds a bag with a prize and a random cut up straw. When everybody finds a bag, don't look in the bag until you have came to the person in one spot. The person staying in one spot has a pencil/pen so everybody can write there name on a name tag and stick it to the bag. When everybody has done that, they all give their bag to the person who stays in one spot. The person who has collected the bags takes out the cut straw from every bag. They give the straws back to the people but not the bag. They give each person a different number for the straws so they know who's straw is who's when they lay them down and see who's straw is the longest. The person with the longest straw gets to pick the next game and gets to open their bag and see what their prize is.

Items needed:
Straw or string
Name tag (optional) (If not just write on the bag)

Its a really fun game for everyone!!

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