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Photo Scavenger Hunt is one of many types of scavenger hunts to choose from, but it is the most popular because of how simple they are to create and play.

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Many people have a camera right in their cell phone which is what makes photo hunts an extremely easy game to play. Teams in this activity are given a list of objects for which to take pictures. Each of our scavenger hunts listed here come with a really fun list of things to gather digitally.

The hunt can be scored on a points basis or also by judges. The items list for this hunt or any other hunt can be gauged for teenagers as well as adults. The list can contain hard to find items or simple items. This is a very versatile way to play a scavenger hunt.

You can have the list be straightforward, or a series of clues that leads the team to the photo opportunity. Sometimes this kind of hunt is called a Treasure Hunt.  The only limitations are your own imagination.

Of course there are other types of hunts also. The classic scavenger hunt is where the team must find physical items. They can go door to door in a negihborhood, or you might find teams traveling around town to collect the items. At the conclusion of the game, the teams go back to home base to have their items judged.

Along with digital media being so eassily accesible, the video scavenger hunt has also risen in popularity. Which ever style you choose, you are sure to have a good time.

As always, when playing this type of game in public, be safe.  Give guidelines to the players so that every returns to home base in a timely and safe manner.

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