Video Camera Scavenger Hunt

The video camera scavenger hunt is a RIOT!! Getting your friends to perform these hilarious antics in front of the camera is one of the funnest ways to have a scavenger hunt.

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Video Camera Scavenger Hunt Task List

1. A stranger performing their best Elvis Presley impersonation.

2. A team member interviewing a stranger about their "alien abduction".

3. A team member making a whole in one at a miniture golf course.

4. A team member running a dog through a series of commands/tricks.

5. Two team members at a car lot acting out a television commercial for the Auto Dealer.

6. The entire team eating a meal in a median strip of a local street.

7. Two team members competing in a video game.

8. The team ordering water only at a fast food drive-thru with a film segment of the cashier at the window.

9. A team member challenging a stranger to a root beer chugging contest. Film the contest.

10. A team member playing a musical instrument.

11. The entire team doing an impression of a STOMP musical performance. (See for a sample).

12. A team member reading a Dr. Suess book to a child at the library.

13. A stranger wearing a uniform performing the best fake fall.

14. A team member telling a joke to a stranger. Must get a laugh to receive points.

15. A team member making a balloon animal.

16. A stranger juggling at least three items.

17. A team member pumping gas for a stranger.

18. A stranger holding a banana and doing an impression of a monkey.

19. A team member squeezing the juice from three oranges using only one hand and his/her face. Measure the juice that was extracted for extra points to the team with the most juice.

20. A team member outside a bank giving a news report on the current status of the economy.

21. A team member singing karaoke of a KISS or LED ZEPLIN ballad.

22. A team member at a self serve car wash pretending to be the car that is being washed by the other team members.

23. The entire team creating a human pyramid in front of the local McDonald's.

24. A stranger doing The Macarena.

25. A stranger reciting the Pledge of Alligience.

26. A team member proposing marriage to a stranger.

The first video camera scavenger hunt party I hosted, or even attended for that matter, was also a Halloween Party.

So the tasks we had to perform were that much funnier in costume. I can still see in my mind's eye my husband, dressed in a hospital gown, asking a complete stranger to do his best Elvis Presley impression for the camera! This game is not for the shy and reserved!

The footage is then brought back to home base and watched by everyone. You could use the participants as the judges and vote for the best of each clip. Or you could have a predetermined panel of judges make the final analysis. Team who has the greatest amount of "best"clips wins.

Another way of playing this game is to give the list to the various teams a couple weeks ahead of time. They can get together at their leisure to film. Then the night of the party can be used strictly for the watching of the video clips. Used in this fashion, there will be more time to film most of the clips from the list instead of having a time limit and choosing only the ones the team feels they could get done. The scoring would also be different. You would need to assign a point value for each task. The team who comes to the party with the highest point value of footage, wins!

If you only have a couple hours to show the footage and you have several teams, you might want to consider a time limit on each segment and/or the whole production.

I have taken my original video camera scavenger hunt list from 1996 and improved it to present here.

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