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Wedding Dress games for bridal showers are a very popular pass time. It is really fun to see the creative side of your friends and family. It is hard to believe you can take a roll of this...and turn it into one of the dresses that you can see on a YouTube channel. I have included a link below to two of my favorite sites where the dresses are beautifully illustrated.  Watch them to get some inspiration.

2009 Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

Carlo Britt Newspaper Dresses

 If you've got the time, why not go all out. You could also include items like transparent duct tape, clear packing tape and even a hot glue gun to put the dress together.

If you want to take the fun up a notch, add colored crepe paper or streamers. It comes in black, red, yellow, orange, blue, green, fucsia - the list goes on. You may only need a few rolls for an accent color, or to only make the bridal bouquet. Let your imagination go wild on this one.

If you are a fan on Pinterest, check out these links:

Gorgeous! TP Wedding Dress

Incredible! TP Wedding Dress

You could even choose to mix the toilet paper game with the newspaper game for more variety. Add some aluminum foil for some sparkle as well.  The game is only limited by your own imagination.

This of course would take more time to complete, so plan accordingly.

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