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Here are my favorite love games for bridal showers. There are a few word games, a game involving singing in teams and a cute activity that predicts what the bride-to-be will say on her honeymoon night.

If the love theme isn't what you are going for, then be sure to click the link above that says "More Bridal Shower Games."  That will take you to our page that lists a few more themes and game suggestions.  But if love is truly in the air, read on...

At my own bridal shower, my sister Melissa handed out this handmade, oversized match book filled with the printable games she had chosen. I know it's old school, being handwritten and using construction paper no less, but hey, I was married in 1986!

Fun bridal shower games never go out of style though and love is the quintessential theme for the shower.

You get to decorate with hearts, make heart shaped cookies, drink a red beverage and use candy kisses in your snack bowls. You can buy heart shaped chocolates or miniature soaps as prizes and wrap them in individual red boxes. Try sprinkling some cinnamon heart shaped candy on the tables.

Another fun idea is to bake one square cake and one round cake. Then cut the round cake in half, putting the cut side of each one on two edges of the square cake. This creates a heart shaped cake without having to buy a mold. After frosting the cake, one would never know that you had used two seperate cakes.

Nothing is more romantic than when you speak from the heart, making the heart shape or LOVE design an extremely popular and ultimately appropriate theme for a bridal shower.

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