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Water balloon games are a big hit anytime you have kids and teens involved. Even the grown ups like to play with water on hot summer days! The classic water balloon fight or war is great. No planning involved, just fill and throw. But if you want to stretch your fun, try any one of the games listed here. The kids and adults alike will appreciate the planned activity.

Water Balloon Tips and Tricks

Here are some important tips about the balloons. While you can use any latex balloon, it is better to use ones actually designed for water. Regular balloons are usually too large and do not explode on contact as easily. This can create frustration for the players during the games as the point is to have them explode at some point.

The absolute best way to fill the balloon is with a Tie Not Water Balloon Kit. It makes water balloons fast, easy and fun to fill! The Tie Not Water Balloon Kit comes with one balloon filling nozzle, approximately 100 latex balloons along with the easy, one knot tying devise. That way your kids can tie their own water balloons in seconds.

Tie-Not Water Balloon Pkg Each

Filling the balloons with water can take place at a sink or a garden hose. I like to sit outside, next to the hose bid, in my lawn chair, with a kiddie pool by my side while filling balloons. This process takes a little longer, but it's relaxing and you and the kids can ejoy the water that slowly spills into the pool while you are waiting for the balloon fun to begin.

If not using a kiddie pool, just remember to have some sort of water proof container near-by while filling them. Plus, accidents do happen even while filling the balloons. Be prepared to get wet.

Do your kids still want to play more activities but you ran out of water balloons? Try using zip lock baggies filled with water. They are easy to fill and work much the same as a water balloon.

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