Christmas Party Games for Kids

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Christmas party games for kids are a great way to start the holidays.  You don't have to throw a party to use these games, but it helps.

Games Available

Santa's Beard Relay
Christmas Cookie Pictionary
Frosty the Snowman
Christmas Present Relay
Christmas Gift Wrap Relay
Cranberry Stringing
Christmas Present Maze

Decorations this time of year are easy.  Why not create a festive winter wonderland to set the tone.  String white lights around the windows.  use any holiday decorations you already have as well. Make cut out snowflakes ahead of time or have the kids do this as a craft during the party. To make them extra fancy, add some white glitter.

A fun way to add to the decorations as well as the snacks are to create miniature edible snowmen.  Hand out three large aized marshmallows to each child along with mini chocolate chips for eyes, M&M's for buttons, and pretzel sticks to use as arms. Frosting makes tasty glue; use it to stick all of the your snowman parts and pieces together.  For a nice finishing touch, you can even add a strip of fruit leather around his neck as a scarf.

Consider serving Rice Krispies treats.  If you are feeling adventurous, you can even flatten your tray of treats into a thin layer and then use a cookie cutter to cut out different festive shapes. To balance all of the sugar kids will be consuming, offer some healthier munchies as well. Cheese and crackers are a good place to start. Add some winter fruit, like tangerines, to roundout the menu.

You could also make sure to include the Christmas Cookie Pictionary game and then it can double as part of the treats for the day.

Remember to play a variety of holiday music because it just adds that much more flavor to the party.

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