Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Summary: Halloween Scavenger Hunt will get you started on a great list for your own halloween scavenger hunt.

Ages: From 14 to adult

Recommended Number of Players:
Between 5 and 7 per team, at least two teams

A list of the items needed to collect. Make sure the teams know to tell the neighbors they will NOT be returning these items.

Each team needs a bag to carry their loot home in. I like to use old pillow cases. They seem to hold up better under the wear and tear. If you have few school back packs, these also do well and are easy to carry.

One member of each team needs to have a wrist watch.

Set Up:
Each team needs a "territory". This can be as simple as which side of the street for each team. If you live in an apartment complex, this may be which buildings they are assigned. Figure out how many teams and territories before the party begins.

How to Play:
Have a time limit. If a teams returns with all items before the end of the time limit, they get 3 extra points. Second team back before the end of the time limit gets 2 extra points. All other teams back before the time limit get 1 extra point. No extra points for coming in AT time limit. One point deducted for coming in AFTER time limit has been called.

All teams leave the starting point at the same time.

Teams must knock on neighbors doors and ask for help in gathering these items. Each door can give as many items from the list as they want. Again, no items will be returned.

The team with the greatest amount of points wins.

Possible Items for the List

Bubble Gum
Black fingernail polish
Candy Corns
Chocolate Candy Bar
Lock of black hair
Marshmellow, any color other than white
Miniature pumpkin or gourd
Orange leaf
Piece of toilet paper (mummy)
Pie tin
Pumpkin seeds
Oreo cookie with orange filling
Spider web
Straw or hay
Tootsie Roll
Tree Bark
Wooden Stake

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