Tape the Band-Aid on the Kid

by MaryEllen
(Paradise, California)

To celebrate my grand-niece Crystal's third birthday, we thought of her new favorite things - band-aids and created a "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" type game! We started by taping a length of wrapping paper to a door and having Crystal stand against it while we traced around her. We then cut out her outline and drew a heart shape on it where the heart should be. We taped this tracing on a door. The guests were asked to bring a box of kids' band-aids and wear one somewhere on themselves. That was funny enough. It took Crystal some time to notice all the band-aids. These band-aids were then used to play "Stick the Band-Aid on Crystal". Each person tried to get their band-aid as close to "Crystal's Heart" as possible with the closest winning a prize. It was so much fun - and Crystal got a stash of band-aids in all kinds of designs and colors!

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