Root Beer Floats
Party Game with Brand Names

Summary: Root Beer Floats are my personal favorite. The following game is not only great to play on the National Day of August 6th honoring this most tasty drink, but also on National Ice Cream Soda Day on June 20th. Two great days in which to play this game. But really, there is no reason to limit this to only those two days.

Ages: From 5 to adult

Recommended Number of Players: Unlimited

A jar containing 2,541 Root Beer flavored jelly beans
Pen and paper for each player

Set Up:
No prior set up required

How to Play:
1) Tell the players that the number of jelly beans in the jar represents the current amount of Root Beer Brands in the world.

2) Have the players guess how many jelly beans are in the jar and write the number at the top of their paper.

3) For the older crowd, you can add the element of having the players list as many brands of Root Beer that they have heard of across the world.

There are two winners in this game. The player who guessed the amount of jelly beans in the jar, and the player who knew the most brands of Root Beer.

As of the day of this writing, Root Beer World sited the number of world Root Beer brands they have located is 2636. You may want to double check the number by going to their site before playing the game.  Root Beer World

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