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This is my most popular purse scavenger hunt list. You will find the instructions on how to play the game at Purse Scavanger Hunt. Some people I know just wanted the list. Here it is...

Dental Floss



Baby Food



Mini Travel Game

Broken Jewelry

Over The Counter Pain Killer

Shopping List

Hair Ribbon

Prescription Drug


Empty Gum Wrapper

Needle and Thread

Cough Drop

Socks/Panty Hose

Cell Phone



Ear Plugs

Dental Floss

Nail Clippers/Adult or Baby Sized

Work Badge



Pair of Earrings

Something Blue


Your Business Card

Someone Else's Business Card



Postage Stamp

Grocery Receipt

Fuel Receipt

Feminine Product

Bobby Pin



Lipstick/Lip Gloss

Fingernail Polish

Your Key

Someone Else's Key


Visitors Badge - (School or Business)

Origami item

Cotton Candy


Eye Drops

Pre-Natal Vitamins


Permanent Marker

Ink Pen

Straight Pin


Contact Lense Case

Eye Glasses

Safety Pin

Membership Card

USB Flashdrive



Weight Watchers Calculator

Hand Sanitizer

Rubber Coin Purse


Pocket Knife


Diaper Wipes





Candy Bar

Foreign Currency

Bubble Wand

Case for Dental Appliance

Clothe to Clean Eye Glasses


Cloth Hankerchief

Fingernail File

Fingernail Buffer


Measuring Tape

Magnifying Glass

Fruit Snacks

Fast Food Receipt

Theater/Movie Stub

Regional or Seasonal Ideas

Christmas Card



Disney Dollars

Amusement Park Ticket

Broadway Ticket Stub

Instant Hand Warmer Pack

Instant Ice Pack

I am going to explain the EXACT same thing I did on the Purse Scavenger Hunt instruction page. If you end up going over there for a visit, you will fnd the first couple paragraphs are the same as here. But you will also find the instructions on how to play.

I had the best time coming up with this Purse Scavenger Hunt list. I first performed my own purse scavenger hunt to see what I could find. Since my purse is rather small, I only found the usual faire. So I began to branch out. I called my sisters and asked what THEY had. Then I called several nieces and girl friends and asked them to take a peek in their purse.

The list I was gathering kept getting longer and funnier by each phone call. So the items you find here are made up of REAL items found in REAL purses. I couldn't have made this stuff up if I tried! Some of the items are regional. For instance, my niece had just returned from a trip to Disneyland and was still carrying her Disney Dollars. The articles range from the mundane to the exotic. This game is great to play at a bridal shower. Looking in the purses of the brides maids gives you a chance to find out who they really are! Another fun way to use this activity is at a women's retreat. It couldn't be easier to plan the entertainment where your guests bring the game without even knowing it.If you're in college and all your friends carry backpacks, simply add a few "school specific" items and have a blast with your roommates.

While using this idea the next time you get together with your girlfriends, be sure to add a few more items you think some of YOUR friends would carry. Remember to add some "regional specific" items to the purse scavenger hunt list. You might want to add some "seasonal specific" items as well. An example might be to add wool gloves if it's snowing or sunscreen if it's summer.

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