Pineapple Jello Dive

Summary: Similar to an old fashioned pie eating contest

Ages: From 6 and up

Recommended Number of Players:
3 to 7

1. As many shallow pie plates as you have players
2. Make "Pineapple Jello" as instructed below

Set up:
Make the Pineaplle Jello a day in advance

How to Play:
Each player sits in front of a pie plate full of Pineapple Jello. They have their hands behind their backs and a blind-fold on. When the Host yells "Go", each player must try to get only the cherry in their mouth, without eating it, and show it to the Host before any other player.

The first player to retrieve the maraschino cherry in tact, wins.

Pineapple Jello:
Make as many boxes of green Jello you think you will need for the players. Pour canned pineapple into the Jello before you set it. Fresh pineapple will not work. Add ONE maraschino cherry per pie plate.

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