Monster Parts

Summary: Monster Parts is a silly way to build a Frankenstein-type monster while blindfolded.

Ages: From 4 to 12

Recommended Number of Players:
Between 3 and 15

1) A poster board with a Frankenstein-type monster drawn on. Leave off any parts of the body that will be made into stickers.
2) Make stickers of various body parts that can be placed on the monster. Such as the hands, feet, scars, hair, neck screws, patches for clothing and the like. Have at least one sticker per player.
3) Blindfold

Set Up:
Hand the monster picture on a wall at the average height of the players.

How to Play:
Put a blindfold on the first player. Give the player one of the body parts stickers. Spin the player around three times and point them toward the monster poster. The player must try to place the body part in an appropriate place. Each player in turn gets to place a body part sticker on the monster.


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