Left Right Christmas Exchange

Summary: The Left Right Christmas Game is a way of exchanging gifts using a story to pass the gifts in a circle.

Ages: From 6 to adult

Recommended Number of Players: Best when used with groups under 30

Each player must have a wrapped gift

Set Up:
Set chairs in a circle.

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How to Play:
Each player begins with a wrapped gift in their lap. As the Mr. Wright Left story is being read by the Host, the players listen for the words "left" and "right". When they hear the word "left", everyone passes the gift to the person on their left. Same as when the story says "right." It does not matter what spelling the words left and right take, for instance, if the word is "write", that still means to pass the gift. If the word is "Lefty", as in a nickname, the gift is still passed to the left.

Winner: Each player gets to keep the gift they have in their lap when the story is over.

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