Lawn Games
A Great Way to Stay Active

Lawn games are basically any outdoor game that is played at home in your front or back yard. Playing on grass is usually best, but not mandatory. Just pick the best spot and set up. These games can also be transported to a park for a family reunion or outdoor birthday celebration as well.

This list contains other common lawn games and a link for more information about the game and it's rules:

Lawn Bowls
Bocce Ball

Moms everywhere...listen up. Next time you want the kids to go outside and play games, why not give them some ideas. These games are also great for the older crowd as well. When the sun is out and summer is here, it's time to play outdoors!

In today’s world many children are not getting any time outdoors. They are driven from place to place, and are only outside when they walk from the car or bus to home, store, or childcare program. Today’s children are spending more time indoors watching television, playing video and computer games. Yet the simple joys of play outdoors are one of the things that most adults remember with great pleasure from their own childhood. Outdoor play has so many benefits for health and child development.

We might just call it blowing off steam, but researchers have found that physically active free play helps children to be more attentive and less restless at other times of the day. Having free play outdoors as a regular part of your schedule allows children to release tension and gives them a way to express and explore ideas and emotions through play.

Outdoor play helps young children use their most powerful form of learning. Young children learn by doing and by exploring with their senses. Children remember much more of the learning that they do through their senses. This is why time spent outside learning through the senses may provide the best foundation for understanding the world.

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