Hula Hoop

Summary: A competition to see who can Hula Hoop the longest.

Ages: From 10 and up

Recommended Number of Players:

As many Hula Hoops as you want to have players. You could also just use a few Hula Hoops and the run the compeition with the best player from each heat.

Set Up:
No prior set up required

How to Play:
Have as many players who can fit in the space begin to Hula Hoop at the same time. The last one still going is the winner. Then repeat the game if you have more players than Hula Hoops. Play one more round with the finalists from each group.

The one who can keep the Hula Hoop going the longest, wins.

1. Hula hoop obstacle course- set up an obstacle course that you must go through while hula hooping

2. Multiple hula hoops - see who can do 3 or more hula hoops for 30 seconds. It is not as easy as it sounds.

3. Hula Hoop Toss - Place items around the playing field . From a specific spot players take turns tossing a hula hoop around the different items. You can give 1 point for items close by and raise the points the farther away from the toss spot. The first player to 10 wins! Ideas for items to use as targets are: beach pail, flip flops, cocont, beach ball, tiki, large shell, pineapple, folded beach towel, beach chair.

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