Halloween Ping Pong Toss

Halloween Ping Pong Toss

This freestanding cardboard mural is 44" high x 30 1/2" wide. It comes complete with the ping pong balls included. $29.99 USD

Summary: This is a game that uses a pre-fabricated halloween scene where you toss the ping pongs through the holes for a variety of point values.

Ages: From 5 and older

Recommended Number of Players:

Pumpkin Toss Game Each

Purchase the pre-fabricated game from the link.

Set Up:
Easy Assembly

How to Play:
The first player stands about 4 feet away from the target. Adjust this distance as needed for age and/or height of player. Toss three ping pong balls at the board. The player receives the point value for each hole they get a ball through.

Player with the most points wins.

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