Guess Which Guest

Summary: Guess Which Guest is about who did what during the past year.

Ages: Adult

Recommended Number of Players: Unlimited

The game sheet which you will create - one for each player
A pencil or pen for each player

Set Up:
Prior to the evening, find out something about each of your invited guests that happened to them during the past year.  Write all the statements on a single piece of paper.  Copy as many as you need, one for each player.  The statements could be something like "________ lived in another state most of this year." Or maybe "_________ went on vacation to Africa this year."

How to Play:
Everybody gets a game sheet.  They must fill the in the blanks with the name of the guest whom they believe had that experience this year.  Give the players only 5 to 10 minutes to complete the game.

The player with the most correct answers, wins.

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