Grass Skirt Dash

Summary: A competition to see who can dress, do a task, then undress the fastest.

Ages: From 10 and up

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
3 to 6 players per team
Best played with 2 or 3 teams

1. EITHER a grass skirt and coconut bra (bikini top will be fine also) OR a Hawaiian shirt and shorts (the louder the better)
2. A really large sun hat
3. Old pair of sunglasses
4. Surf board (ironing board works as well also)
5. Camera

Set up:
Gather the clothing into two piles on one end of the room with the two surf boards. This can be played just as well outside in the yard or on a deck.

How to Play:
Divide into teams. Line up 10 or more feet away from the pile of clothes. When the Host yells "Go", one team member from each team then:
1. Races to the pile of clothes
2. Puts all the clothing on
3. Jumps on the surf board
4. Waits for a team member to take their picture
5. Removes the clothing and leaves it in a pile
5. Races back to the team and tags the next person to complete the relay.

If there is an odd amount of players, one player can go twice.

The first team to get all players through the relay wins.

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