Flag Tag Relay

Summary:Flag Tag Relay is a game where you race to see who can get the flag first

Ages: From 3 to 10

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
Two teams, unlimited amount of players

One small novelty flag per player
Two plastic buckets

Set Up:
Place the sand in each bucket. Put the flags in the sand so they stand up. Place the buckets on the far end of the playing field.

How to Play:
Have each team form a single line, one player behind the next, facing the flag buckets. On cue, the first player from each team races to the appropriate bucket, grabs one flag, and marches back to his team as quickly as possible. No running allowed in this part of the relay. The player then tags the next team mate, who then runs to the team bucket to retrieve another flag. Play continues until all members of one team have gotten a flag and returned to the starting line.

Winning team is the one who complete the relay in the quicketst time.

Let each child keep their flag as a favor.

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