Christmas Scavenger Hunt List

close up look at a red Christmas ornament with gold designs

This is a great start to your Christmas Scavenger Hunt List. By all means, this list is not exhaustive. Each region might have things that need to be added because of where you live. Others might add traditional items specific to your customes. The best part of the hunt though is that it gets the players out of the house for a little bit so you can set up dessert, the gift exchange, or the next game.

Be sure to have a prize for every player on the winning team, and be prepared for a tie, just in case. Only play this if you are in a nice, safe residential area, since it involves running across the street alot. Be sure that the teams are of sufficent size to keep them safe.

Holly leaf

Wrapping paper with a santa on it

A snowman in any form

3 strands of silver tinsel

Red Christmas tree light bulb

Metal ornament hook


Piece of tree garland


Gift tag

Poinsettia flower

Chocolate gold coin

Package of hot cocoa mix

A piece of chocolate fudge

1 tablespoon of eggnog in a zip-lock baggie

Piece of curled ribbon

Homemade Christmas cookie

A Nativity scene in any form

Lump of coal

Candy cane

A jingle bell

Star shaped anything


Christmas card

Something with an elf on it


Popcorn on a string





Miniature marshmallow


Hershey's Kiss wrapped in any color other than silver

Cookie cutter

Lip balm

Pie tin


Cinnamon stick

Remember, these items should be found and never stolen. Get permission if you need an item from somebody's yard and take a flashlight if you're doing this in the dark. Let your neighbors know in advance that you're having a scavenger hunt party so they won't be surprised if anyone's seen wandering around their yard during the game.

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