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colorful game pieces, like one would use on a board game

Did you know besides having fun, playing board games can have other benefits? You already know how much your child wants - and needs - to just spend time with you. Why not throw a board game into the mix. Kids want to be played with and listened to. Board games can satisfy this need. Plus, games can even help build children's learning skills without them even noticing.

Such skills might include:

  • number and shape recognition, grouping and counting
  • Letter recognition and reading
  • visual perception and color recognition
  • eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity

Children don't even have to know the game is educational. Sometimes it's best if they don't even suspect it to be a good way to learn. Just by virtue of playing them, board games can teach important social skills, such as communicating verbally, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying interaction with others. Board games can foster the ability to focus, and lengthen your child's attention span by encouraging the completion of an exciting, enjoyable game. Even simple board games like Chutes and Ladders will teach life skills. For instance, your luck can change in an instant — for the better or for the worse. The message inherent in board games is: Never give up. Just when you feel despondent, you might hit the jackpot and ascend up high, if you stay in the game for just a few more moves.

This first listing isn't actually a board game. It's a really fabulous book about all the "gourmet" food items you can make that won't leave your fingers sticky or wet while playing the games. I highly recommend these recipes for your next game night.

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