Beach Ball Bear Hug

Summary: Beach Ball Bear Hug is a game of balance while swimming.

Ages: From 6 to 14 - Make sure only good swimmers play this game

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
Best with 3 to 8 , but the size of the pool will also determine the amount of players

Beach Ball of equal size for each player

1. Players must lock their arms around the beach ball. If their hands become unlocked, the player is eliminated.

2. Players can only use their legs for propulsion. How to Play:
1. Start in the shallow end of pool.

2. Have the host yell "Go!" The players cannot use the side of the pool for a kick start.

3. Each player must swim to the opposite end of the pool and back.

First player back to the shallow end, that has not stopped hugging the beach ball, wins.

This game can be adapted to a team sport. Use only two beach balls and have the teams line up on the outside of the pool.

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