Halloween Party Games for Kids
Not too Spooky, and Lots of Fun

Halloween Party Games for Kids is a great selection of games that can be played during the Halloween season.

Games Available

Monster Tag
Buried Treasure
Cookie Pictionary
Candy Corn Catch
Pumpkin Patch
Bobbing for Apples
Halloween Pictionary
Monster Parts
Mummy Wrap
What Can You Remember?
Halloween Candy Toss
Belly of the Bat
Pumpkin Roll
Stool Ball
Halloween Ping Pong Toss
The Vampire Murders

Kids love Halloween parties. They get to dress up and be who ever they want. Fantasy play is great at this age. I have gathered together a collection of games that would work well for kids as well as tweens and teens during this Halloween season. They are perfect for home parties and would work well at school parties also.

Personally, my favorite thing to have at a Halloween party is

To make one gallon of root beer:
One pound sugar
One gallon water
Two ounces root beer extract
Add 1 to 2 pounds of Food Grade Dry Ice to carbonate.

Tip for carbonation: put in a triple size plastic container (1/3 liquid and 2/3 air) and put the lid on tight. The pressure will dissolve more into the mix and make it fizzier. Otherwise have Club soda to add for carbonation. If you let the root beer fog too much you will loose the carbonation. Bring several pounds extra dry ice and put in as you are serving in order to let the kids see the fog affect.

You must keep the root beer from freezing. Dry ice is -109.3°F and it will freeze the liquid. Add extra water if freezing starts. Do not ladle Dry Ice into cups. Put regular ice directly into cups for additional cooling. For different ideas add dry ice to grape juice and pineapple juice for a goolish witches brew.

If you are in charge of the school carnival at this time of year, many of these games can be adapted to be played in a booth.

Halloween should be a fun night and a safe one. For information on how to have a safe Halloween for the kids, check out these Safety Tips.

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